Sunday, March 24, 2013


We made a family trip to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve today. It is a superb destination for a day trip from Canberra, especially if you are interested in seeing wildlife.

Part of the Nature Discovery Playground; several barbecues are available at the site, and it was quite full with families having lunch.

Hanging Rock peeking out of the Eucalyptus forest. Yes, the rock is as big as it looks next to that tree.

I have never before seen so many turtles as today at the Sanctuary wetlands of Tidbinbilla. They were constantly popping up to take air, then diving back in. Some of them looked at us curiously as if they were expecting to be fed, however.

And another cute little reptile! Presumably a red-bellied black snake?

Finally, something botanical: a frond of Pteridium esculentum, the native bracken, breaking through the bitumen of a footpath. Unfortunately, most of the plants that were in flower were introduced weeds. Autumn is really starting here.

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