Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today we went for a walk in Mt Taylor Nature Reserve in the southern half of Canberra. A very nice day for it, and the summit offers a fantastic view over the city.

This is Mt Taylor as seen from below.

The view from the summit. The great mass of houses in the middle is the centre of Woden. In the background are, from left to right, Black Mountain with Telstra Tower, Lake Burley Griffin, the city centre, and a chain of hills the highest of which is Mt Majura. We live just to the left of Mt Majura. Most of Canberra is remarkably inconspicuous because there are so many trees that you can hardly see the houses. It is a very green city.

Eastern grey kangaroos grazing under the setting sun.

View from Mt Taylor towards the mountains of Namadgi National Park right after sunset.

This being early winter, there is not much in the way of flowers. Instead, enjoy these colourful crustose lichens! I don't know their systematics at all, unfortunately, but I like lichens, not least because they can look so alien.

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