Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

The fireworks in Canberra centre, last night. That was nice, and the first firework our daughter has seen.


We bought a new computer a few days ago. So far I have perennially been a resigned Windows user - simply because it always seemed to be more trouble installing Ubuntu than dealing with the default operating system, and because I was used to Windows. In other words, laziness.

Boy, did Windows 8 ever change that calculation.

Yes, Ubuntu also has got a few issues, and the newest Microsoft atrocity sure makes it extremely difficult to install it (this is what saved me there), but Windows 8 is simply infuriating in a way that none of the previous versions was. Using it for two minutes at a time flips me into an incoherent rage. Also, Ubuntu is fast, more elegant, more intuitive and much safer.

In other words, I have got enough. At work it is still Windows, but if the IT people ever migrate us to 8 that will also have to change.

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