Saturday, June 7, 2014

Europe: Lüneburg and its amusing fountain

Lüneburg is the town my father was born in, and my parents have set up for retirement nearby. An old Hanseatic trading town that made its wealth with salt mining, it has a rich heritage in architecture. The old city houses show the prosperity of the people who had them built centuries ago. These days Lüneburg is a slightly quieter place but also a very young town; it has a university, and it shows.

Some of the old houses. Many of them have doors and cranes in the upper levels because they were originally used for trading and storage.

Right in front of the old town hall there is a very funny fountain. It has many small figures that have water running out of diverse orifices. This is an obvious one, the mouth.

In this case it is the ear.

And here a mammary. Our daughter found it so nice we nearly had to drag her away.

This is a botany blog, but here in Germany I will see less wildflowers than in southern France. Here we have a nice little Vicia angustifolia (Fabaceae) growing on the playground closest to my parents' house.

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