Monday, September 1, 2014

Waterfalls, this time with actual falling water

A few weeks ago I went to Jervis Bay with ANU lecturers and students for the third time. I always wanted to show the area to my family, and this weekend we finally managed to go camping there. My wife enjoyed the native plants and animals, my daughter loved the beach, and both admired the landscape.

On the way there, we stopped at Fitzroy Falls in the Moss Vale area. This impressive waterfall is 81 m deep, but as can be seen in the above picture there was quite a lot of fog so we could not see it under ideal conditions. This place is really wet most of the time, the vegetation is pretty much a temperate rainforest.

On the way back, we also stopped at the same place as I did with the student field trip - Tianjara Falls. Then I called it an alleged waterfall because it was dry, but this time we were rewarded with a much nicer view! For some time there was even a rainbow in the spray.

To end on a somewhat weirder note: The family posing in front of the Big Merino of Goulburn. These various big whatevers of Australia are of course greatly amusing to a five year old, but I wonder what archaeologists of the future are going to make of a megalithic sheep. If it can still be reconstructed after two thousand years it will probably be assigned some kind of religious significance. Then again, I doubt that a structure like this one will last as long as Roman masonry.

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