Monday, September 21, 2015

Floriade 2015

Impressions from our visit to the Floriade spring festival yesterday.

Tulip mania! Interestingly, the red ones were still behind the white and yellow ones, meaning that the plantings will only really come into their own in a week or so.

With the first World War a hundred years ago, Australia has had war related events since last year and is set to continue until 2018. As a German I find it fascinating to see the difference in perspective, as in Europe the horrors of WW2 have totally overshadowed anything that happened in the first, which is also much further back in the past. But Australia lost such a large number of young men that WW1 left a more lasting impression than it did in much of Europe.

Anyway, poppies are apparently associated with remembrance of war. Here people could pay a bit of money for a poppy to place on the wall, and the proceeds went to a charity.

The view from above - this is the first time I was on the Floriade's Ferris Wheel.

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