Sunday, January 3, 2016

Botany picture #221: Hibiscus divaricatus (and two other miscellaneous photos)

Close-up of the flower of Hibiscus divaricatus (Malvaceae), taken today at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The five stigmatic branches are clearly visible, as is the fact that the stamens are forming a tube around the style in Malvaceae, at least s.str. The filaments of the stamens are fused while the anthers are free; in the Asteraceae, the opposite has happened, and the tube is made from fused anthers while the filaments are free!

We also went down into the ANBG's rainforest gully, where they were spraying mist at the time. Quite an interesting atmosphere.

Finally, one of the rare moments where I show an animal on this blog. This praying mantis was sitting on a sculpture near the rock garden.

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