Sunday, May 29, 2016

Botany picture #228: Ledum palustre

It seems as if I have rather neglected posting plant images over the last few weeks, and given that how busy the last few days were something simple like that fits very well at the moment.

Above is Ledum palustre (Ericaceae), from a swamp in eastern Germany in 2008, when I was co-supervision a student excursion. On that occasion one of the students stepped onto some floating moss and sank waist-deep into the water. Fun times.


On a totally unrelated note, I really wonder why flight attendants have developed the habit of looking at everybody's ticket when they enter and then explaining where the seat is. And yes, I mean the seat explaining part. Two or three times in the past I have already tried covering that (and only that) information with my finger, so that they could still see that I am on the right plane, only not read the seat number out to me. And in two cases they got really upset about that, trying to pull the ticket from my hand, shouting at me, stuff like that.

I mean, when I am flying Canberra - Brisbane or something like that we are not actually using large and complicated aeroplanes. There's A-C on one side and D-F on the other; there aren't even two corridors. I don't need somebody to explain to me that A is a window place on this side. All seats are clearly labelled. Surely anybody who needs that kind of instruction to find their seat would not have made it to the aeroplane in the first place because they'd still be at home wondering why their trousers don't fit over their head?

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