Sunday, November 13, 2016

Black Mountain plants

Although it was windy and cool we went for a walk on Black Mountain Nature Reserve. It is interesting how completely different its flora is compared against that of the Mount Majura - Mount Ainslie range. For example, Black Mountain has many species of orchids, the other two have only very few. Apparently the difference is to a large degree one of soil chemistry, but past land-use is also said to have differed.

Telstra Tower atop Black Mountain, as seen from near the Australian National Botanic Garden's nursery.

Poranthera microphylla, a tiny plant that is widespread and common in south-eastern Australia, but presumably often overlooked. It was traditionally considered to be a member of the spurge family but apparently now belongs to the Phyllanthaceae.

And here is a representative of the type genus of the Phyllanthaceae, Phyllanthus hirtellus. In this case the plant is larger, a dwarf shrub, but the flowers are still minuscule.

Finally, beautiful Grevillea alpina (Proteaceae), or at least so I hope. There is another rather similar species of the same genus in the area, but it is supposed to have glabrous tepals.

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