Sunday, February 5, 2017

Two weird realisations about the gay marriage discussion

Certainly other people will have had the very same realisations long before me, but it has only recently occurred to me how absurd some of the rules around what I will for the moment call 'gay marriage' are.

First, in Australia two women, for example, cannot get married at the moment. However, a man and a woman can get married, and then the man could come out as transgender and transition to become a woman. This results in two women being married.

So how do these two make sense at the same time?

When we discussed that issue, it was pointed out to me that in a specific European country, gay couples may currently not adopt children, presumably under the idea that children need a mother and a father to grow up normally. However, in that country a single person can apparently adopt children.

Again, how do these two make sense at the same time?

As always this is my personal opinion only, and I am not speaking in any official capacity, but in my personal opinion this drives home how utterly ridiculous it is to disallow gay marriage. I have yet to see an argument against gay marriage that passes the laugh test, let alone critical examination.

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