Monday, March 24, 2014

Mount Ainslie and surroundings

On the weekend we went for a walk on Mount Ainslie (ca. 850 m) and in the nearby Mount Majura Nature Reserve.

This is the view from the lookout on Mount Ainslie, and actually the point from which Canberra was designed to be seen. The red street in the centre is ANZAC Parade; it points across the Lake Burley Griffin towards first the old parliament house and then, behind it, the current parliament. The fountain in the lake is the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain, and further right you can see the beginning of the central business district.

What is hiding here under the scribblygum bark? A huntsman spider. Presumably it does not want to end up as the lunch of a Currawong.

Microcosmos. A deadwood 'landscape' that reminded me of a mountain range.

And finally something more or less botanical, if algae and fungi count: an otherworldly looking lichen growing on tree bark.

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