Friday, March 21, 2014

Scottish journal of EVERYTHING

One of the things often pointed out by Jeffrey Beall is that questionable publishers like to give their for-profit journals very wide scope. They presumably do so in the hope of being able to earn article processing fees from as many areas of research as possible.

Yesterday I received another scientific spam e-mail that takes the cake in this regard. Behold the call for papers from the Scottish Journal of Arts, Social Sciences and Scientific Studies:

Okay, the first thing one notices is the green ink. But apart from that, the funniest aspect is the ridonculously long list of areas of research that is given as the scope of the journal. It is an alphabetic list of everything they could come up with. Botany and dance; philosophy and finance. Yup, that sounds legit, where do I sign up?

The name that they invented for the supposed managing editor is also pretty interesting, by the way. Robest Pual Ashcraft. I guess they were going for Robert Paul Ashcroft but put a typo into every word? So I may be mistaken but this could be an indication of something being off; would not be surprised to learn the journal is really run out of a garage in Pakistan or Nigeria.

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