Thursday, April 24, 2014

That is very forward of them...

As mentioned previously I get a lot of science spam soliciting the submission of manuscripts to some fifth rate for-profit journals, as probably does everybody in science. Still, this is probably a first for me: They have gone to the trouble of getting themselves set up in Editorial Manager, a legitimate manuscript management system also used by many good journals. And then they actually already registered an account for me, with username and password and all.

This is most unusual. Generally the decent journals that you want to publish in sit there waiting for you to sign up and submit. If they do set up an account for you it is because they want you to peer-review for them. The bogus journals, however, are normally happy with submission of the manuscript as an e-mail attachment. The approach taken in the spam message above is kind of half-half, and thus a bit weird; it looks a bit more professional, but at the same time it betrays their desperation to get somebody to submit something, anything, so that they can earn a few bucks, something that would be beneath professional scientific journals.

And of course, how can you take a journal serious that spams a systematic botanist with a solicitation for articles in proteomics?

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