Saturday, August 29, 2015

Comment moderation on

Some spam bot seems to have discovered this blog, and it is getting annoying. Consequently I have just turned comment moderation on. I don't think it will make a lot of difference to readers of this blog. Discussions or questions happen, but they are rare.

Most people seem to find my blog when googling for one of the topics I have covered, especially phylogenetic systematics, the aromatic plant genus Minthostachys, the various posts on how to use this or that software tool or method, and, somewhat more to my surprise, three very specific posts on acknowledging peer reviewers, ResearchGate, and bracketed versus indented keys.

And that was always the idea: I don't expect to host any long discussions about paraphyletic taxa here, but maybe somebody will find some of my perspectives, information and how-to's useful. Comment moderation won't interfere with that, but it will make sure all those gibberish comments ending with links to health supplement sellers won't get through, and that's a plus.

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