Sunday, August 9, 2015

Field trip to Kioloa, last day

Back home after a weekend trip to the coast with ANU students.

In the morning we spent some time at the beach front of ANU's Kioloa Coastal Campus, discussing grasses, saltbushes, Myoporum, Banksia and Pittosporum.

On the way back we had an extended stop at Misty Mountain Road in Monga National Park, one of my favourite national parks in the area. We explored a bit of sclerophyll forest with diverse heath-like understorey.

One of the plants there was this rather tiny Lomandra. The tufts of this monocot looked superficially like grass, and the few flowering stems were well hidden. The more familiar representatives of Lomandra, those that are used as low maintenance ornamentals, are considerably larger.

Although not part of the plant groups that I am usually keen of, I find Tetratheca (Elaeocarpaceae) really attractive. They also make very nice herbarium specimens, drying well and staying very colourful. Above is T. thymifolia with its characteristic whorled leaves and long, non-glandular hairs on the stem.

I also got really nice pictures of a female cycad with ripe seeds, but that is worth a separate post.

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