Sunday, April 1, 2018

Weekend in the mountains

We just came back from a nice weekend in the Australian 'Alps', making use of what may have been the last period of nicely warm weather. Still rather cold camping during the night, it is definitely not summer anymore.

Turns out we may finally have to buy a new tent. On the plus side, the belt of the plant press served well to keep the tent pole in shape; not perfectly, but sufficiently to give us just enough structural integrity for two nights.

The main attraction this time was Yarrangobilly Caves. The last time we passed by it was too late in the day, so we were unable to visit them. This time we bought passes for two of the caves.

Although probably weird looking enough, this photo does not do reality justice - the entrance area to South Glory Cave is massive and awe-inspiring.

We camped at our favourite spot in the area, Three Mile Dam. I have posted photos of the lake before, but here is one showing the moon reflected in the water during the night.

Morning mist above the camp site penetrated by the first rays of the sun.

And to conclude, something botanical: Golden everlasting daisies (Xerochrysum subundulatum, Asteraceae) fruiting on the Old Kiandra Gold Fields.

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