Friday, December 30, 2016

Blue Mountains Holiday Trip, final part 4

On our way back to Canberra we stopped at Jenolan Caves, which I had so far only heard mentioned. They were really worth the admission price.

Above the entrance area, a large tunnel through the mountain. The various cave systems that can be visited branch off from this central cavity.

Before our tour started we spent some time at the amazingly blue lake nearby. It is said to have healing properties, if you will believe it.

We visited the Chifley cave. It is not even the largest of them but already extremely impressive, and it features a lot of interesting crystal and limestone formations...

... as seen above. I found it a bit weird that the guide was constantly apologising for explaining the geology. What is next, a zoo guide apologising for explaining animals?

These formations are apparently called shawls, at least if we understood correctly.

And because there will not be any plants otherwise, I will close with this yellow lichen landscape on tree bark.

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