Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blue Mountains Holiday Trip, part 3

Today's stations were, in order of appearance, Echo Point and Leura Cascades in Katoomba, Wentworth Falls, and Govet's Leap Lookout in Blackheath.

The obligatory Three Sisters Picture, although from this perspective it looks more like one sister.

Blue Mountains landscape as seen from the lookout behind Leura Cascades.

Leura Cascades are a paradise for various species of ferns. Here the leaf venation of Todea barbara (Osmundaceae) showing through against the light.

Cliff face near Wentworth Falls. If you look very carefully you can see tiny people; we got to that place a bit later.

The surroundings of Wentworth Falls were perhaps botanically the most interesting area today. Above Rimacola elliptica (Orchidaceae), a species restricted to a fairly small range around Sydney.

And here we have Alania endlicheri, of the strange little family Boryaceae. Its sister genus occurs far away in Western Australia.

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