Thursday, December 22, 2016

Field trip to Moss Vale area

Pictures from a one day field trip I did today:

Landscape as seen from the Fitzroy Falls lookout; only a pity about the grey sky.

A bit further on from the falls we encountered this charming little shrub, Boronia anemonifolia (Rutaceae). The strongly divided leaves are very aromatic, somewhat fruity in their note.

At our second major stop in an area called Barren Ground we saw many interesting plants, although not the ones I was really after - in that sense the previous area was more satisfying. But this one was nonetheless a highlight of the trip: Drosera binata, the forked-leaf sundew. Way back when I was a student in Germany I bought a book on carnivorous plants, and the species is featured heavily in it, presumably because its unique leaf morphology makes it particularly attractive to collectors.

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