Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Botany picture #13: Minthostachys verticillata

With all the reposts of information on Minthostachys it seems fitting to show a representative of this genus of aromatic plants: Minthostachys verticillata (Lamiaceae) from Argentina, where it is commonly known as peperina. It is harvested for oil extraction and consumption as tea, especially around Cordoba. Overuse of wild populations is a major issue, and Argentinian colleagues are attempting to address the issue by working to educate the collectors about sustainable management practices and by domesticating the species.


  1. can we find peperina in Australia ?

    1. I have not seen it anywhere yet and would not be too optimistic. If anything I would hold out hope for specialty food stores with a connection to Latin America, especially in a cosmopolitan place like Melbourne.