Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day trip to Deua National Park

Yesterday we made a family trip to the Marble Arch Walk in Deua National Park in New South Wales; pictures below the fold.

 Directly after the rest area where one leaves the car behind, one has to wade through this shallow river surrounded by eucalyptus forests.

This heath consists nearly entirely of Allocasuarina (Casuarinaceae).

Bull Ant. Read more about this fascinating genus of ants at Wikipedia.

The Big Hole, the final destination of our trip which was recommended to me by two colleagues. A landfall ca. 96 m deep and 35 m across at the top. The ferns at the bottom are actually tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) up to 2 m tall, although they appear much smaller. Several swallows were hunting down in the cool air of the hole. I built this image from three separate photographs because my camera could not take in the entire depth.

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