Sunday, January 6, 2013

Family trip to Kosciuszko National Park

To escape from the annual meeting of people who puzzlingly consider the inhalation of burnout fumes to be not only a legitimate form of entertainment but the greatest that has ever been devised, we made a trip to the northern part of Kosciuszko National Park over the weekend.

Canberra is currently experiencing temperatures in the 35-40°C range, and we also hoped that it would be cooler in the mountains. It was, but not as much as one would wish for. Photos below the fold.

Three Mile Dam Reservoir.
Yarrangobilli Thermal Pool, where we cooled off on Saturday afternoon. I assume the "thermal" part is more obvious in winter.
Black Perry Lookout, although this particular picture does not show the mountain it was named after.
Grasslands at Kiandra. This place was once a goldfield but is now only a road crossing with one building.
And, for the botanical angle, a Brachyscome (Asteraceae) in a rock crack at Kiandra.

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