Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mulligan's Flat, and botany picture #99: Acacia dealbata

After lunch today we had a very nice walk through Mulligan's Flat Woodland Reserve, part of the Canberra Nature Park system of protected areas.

As mentioned a few days ago, spring is in the air. The weather was beautiful and there are wattles (Acacia) flowering everywhere. The reserve was in fact full of the scent of wattle flowers.

That being said, unfortunately the part we went through is not that terribly diverse, and the only species in bloom were a heath (Melichrus urceolatus), the aforementioned species of wattle (Acacia dealbata in this case, picture directly above), and a lilac pea flowered Fabaceae whose name we did not remember (and no, it is not Hardenbergia). This means that I once more amused myself photographing lichens, such as these:

Odd sights like these feeding traces on dead wood:

And these weird looking fungal fruiting bodies, also on dead wood:

They really remind me of mollusc shells. Unfortunately I don't have names either for them or for the lichens above. Not my area, I'm afraid.

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